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The website content can be provided in different languages. With i18n (internationalization framework), your language settings are stored in the cookie and sent to the server to load the appropriate language files on request.


In the event of revocation or lack of consent, cookies that have already been stored will be deleted and server-side cookies will not be processed. In addition, all cached information in the local memory is deleted.


Stores privacy consent and cookie settings. If the cookie is set or if the user has given the necessary consent to the data storage during registration, the following data will be stored on the server in addition to form entries (e-mail, name, message, etc.): Pages visited and interactions on the website (anonymously without personal information such as IP address or gelocation)


This cookie is set by websites running on the Windows Azure cloud platform. It is used for load balancing to ensure that visitors' page requests are routed to the same server in each browsing session.

Data processing by local storage

In addition to cookies, information can also be stored in local storage. Data is stored locally in the browser's cache, which continues to exist and can be read out even after closing the browser window or exiting the program - unless the cache is deleted.