Doggie's Place Seeland



In total I have 150m2 (heated in winter, air-conditioned in summer) set up for doggy daycare. I can separate each of the seven rooms individually - so I can accommodate some dogs in pairs or in small groups if desired. As a rule, however, all dogs move around the entire building without restriction and can decide for themselves where they want to be. On the first floor is the "sluice", the entrance area where the guests are safely handed over and the large living room and kitchen, where most of the time is also rested. On the mezzanine floor is the large playroom (about 40m2), where they can play and tussle to their heart's content. Also the rooms upstairs are all individually furnished and of different sizes.

My fully fenced meadow is located about 1.5km from the doggy care. After only 20 minutes walk (without detour) or two minutes by car we are there. A meadow area of over 1,400m2 awaits the dogs, partly naturally shaded and in summer with beautiful blooming meadow flowers and mowed areas and paths.

The VW bus is equipped with tailor-made, safe boxes. In addition, I have a WT dog trailer with 4 large insulated and ventilated boxes. So I can go for walks and excursions with the whole troop regardless of location.

Doggies P(A)lace

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