Doggie's Place Seeland


doggie playing

My philosophy

Work and dog – that's not always easy to combine, as I know from my own experience. That's why I want to offer dog owners species-appropriate, competent and flexible day care for their four-legged friends. The principle is that of a daycare center - at least 1x per week, the day guests are also welcome several times a week (between 1x and 5x per week everything is possible, the main thing is that the dogs see their buddies at least once a week). Thus, the troupe can grow together well, everyone knows each other and there is no unrest in the group due to constantly changing "newcomers" and "day tourists".

With me all dogs are welcome, no matter what breed, age, gender - as long as they are compatible with the existing troop. Because this point is central for me: I do not tolerate aggressive dogs or bullying. In Doggie's Place every dog should feel comfortable. Apart from that, however, there are hardly any restrictions, for example, unneutered male dogs are also among my guests. In my group I also have several dogs from animal welfare. Also these animals with partly special needs or still lacking experiences are cordially welcome with me. Only bitches in heat are not allowed to come to me in the HundeTagi during their heat. Afterwards I look forward to them all the more. It is important to me to offer all dogs a species-appropriate, stimulating and fun stay, whereby great importance is also attached to sufficient rest periods. The dogs benefit greatly from interacting with each other. During the walk, individual dogs are allowed off the leash at times, or can romp and play with each other in my large, fully fenced play area. I understand each dog as an individual and therefore always decide depending on the situation and the day, what goes and where I set limits (eg free running).

Since I currently always have interns (training as animal caretakers), it is possible for me to care for up to a maximum of 19 dogs. However, we usually look after only up to a maximum of 16 (including their own) dogs. Thus we can responsibly and individually respond to all guests. In addition, I support the foundation IPT (Integration pour tous) with the reintegration, social integration, work training, low-threshold work integration by providing such an integration place and taking over the care of this person. However, these trainees are never left alone with the dogs entrusted to me or go for a walk.

The permit for the care of 19 dogs at the site in Avenches was granted in October 2020 by the canton of Vaud for 5 years, also the municipality of Avenches has allowed the operation of my dog daycare without restrictions.